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The SSI digital
wallet app

Stash away Verifiable Credentials securely and easily
with Stashd – the Self-sovereign Identity wallet app.

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Stashd allows users to receive, share and manage
digital Verifiable Credentials with trusted connections quickly, securely and easily directly from a mobile device. 

Seamlessly integrate Verifiable Credentials

  • Empower users with control of trusted data
  • SSI network agnostic 
  • Secure and private communication
  • Built-in compliance

Revolutionising the way we
exchange digital credentials and PII.

Stashd is utilised by the end-user to:

Digital verifiable credentials
can be digital representations of
physical documents.

Credentials are stored entirely in the digital wallet on the holder’s phone, nowhere else.

Users are in control of how and where their data is shared, with users choosing the stakeholders they trust and what they trust them with.


Process digital credentials without the
need to store any PII.

Stakeholders such as businesses, organisations and governments benefit from reduced risks (involved with storing PII), while increasing efficiencies in identity processing.

Stashd can be implemented as part of a wider trust ecosystem established between users, organisations, businesses, governments and other stakeholders, utilising SaaS platforms such as WEAVE

Implementing the Stashd Verifiable Credential wallet app couldn’t be easier.

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