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Imagine your face was your concert ticket, your passport or even your hotel key card. Sounds great right? Well now it's possible.

Stashd is the new digital information service, transforming the way you exchange personal information with the companies you already love. We're putting you back in command, giving you full control over who you trust and what you trust them with.

Stashd in three easy steps

Dash through a few simple fields in order to get yourself signed up at a Stashd enabled device.

Stash your documents like passports, passes, tickets and more to your account instead of printing or downloading them.

Just flash your face where you see our logo to use your brand new Stashd account.

This is Bob's Stashd account


When Bob created his account, Stashd created a drawer just for his personal information, like his passport. Stashd keeps his data safe and secure using military level encryption and tier 4 data centres. 

When Bob decides to trust a company like the Lux Plane Co. Stashd automatically creates a drawer for them to store their own documents like boarding passes or bag tags. Bob can see what information the company has requested and what documents they've stored. Bob can revoke this trust whenever he feels like and the drawer is removed. 

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