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About Stashd

Where did we come from?


The concept behind Stashd was originally conceived early 2017 following a conversation between our founders about the frustrating experience of shopping and entertainment. One experience was arriving at a venue without ID and being denied entry, regardless of the fact of having a valid ticket. The focus soon turned in to a deeper discussion regarding physical documentation, questioning whether it was needed in today’s digital climate.

We soon formalised a team to realise the idea and following 2 years of intense research and development, the first version of Stashd was officially released. The service allows individuals to save digital representations of passports, tickets, confirmations and any other document issued by an organisation, in our safe and secure cloud storage, yet is easily accessible using a variety of fast and efficient methods including biometrics. Best yet is that you control who has access to your data and can delete what you like at any time.

Whilst we had intended to launch with entertainment venues, the reason for building this service, we soon gained interest from many other sectors for a variety of different uses. We decided to focus on three main sectors; travel, finance and retail. We are currently working with organisations from each sector and will be launching with some of Europe’s largest organisations throughout 2019.

So watch this space.. 

We're hiring


Here at Stashd we believe the best service can only be provided with the best creatives and likeminded innovators right at the core of the company. We're always on the lookout for that ideal candidate, so if you think that might be you then click below and have a look at the positions we're hiring. 

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Our new website is live! Have a look around and let us know what you think.

Serving you world firsts

Stashd is making strides in the aviation industry allowing passengers to pace with their face. Find out more now.

Stashd is taking to the skies

Stashd is excited to be starting trials in airports across the UK. Read now to find out about these exciting new opportunities.

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