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welcome to a new era of information exchange


We are all asked to identify ourselves from time to time. Sometimes it’s a passport for a flight or other times it’s a ticket to a concert.

Whatever it is, our digital information service helps you to reduce the time and effort with these things, at no cost to you. Using Stashd enables you to receive an enhanced experience from the companies you interact with.


join the revolution

Access Anywhere

You can use Stashd on any device with a web browser. It's really that easy. Apple and Android apps coming soon!

Universal Use

Enjoy the benefits of the Stashd service in any number of situations from travel to retail or leisure to work.

Less Loss

All your physical identities and documents stored in a single digital identity, accessed by the one thing you cannot lose. Your face. 

Safely Secure

We use the strongest tier 4 datacentres and military grade encryptions to ensure all of your information is kept nice and safe.

own your identity

Here's just how easy it is to sign up with us.


Dash through a few simple fields in order to get yourself signed up.


Trust the companies you love and stash your documents.


Just flash your face where you see our logo to use your account.

We really couldn't make it any easier for you.