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Stashd for businesses


Stashd is a cloud hosted digital identity service designed to eliminate the need for physical documents using a variety of fast and efficient mechanisms primarily biometric technologies. The service allows users to create an account where they can store digital representations of their physical documents like passports, boarding passes, tickets, and membership cards. These documents can then be retrieved later on for presentation using a method such as facial recognition.

We couldn't make integration of our service any easier, our product is accessible via a range of SDK’s which we provide to businesses to build directly into their own products and services. Our users can then access the service directly, using our website or mobile apps, or indirectly, via any integrated business.

The service offers a plethora of benefits for both users and businesses alike, enhancing security, reducing environmental impact, maximising accessibility, and improving efficiency.

Stashd is set to revolutionise the way that users and business exchange information with each other.


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What we do

The Stashd service aims to eliminate the need for the physical documents usually required for businesses to verify their consumers. We’ve developed a secure service for our users to create digital versions of their personal documents and identities including passports, tickets, membership cards and boarding passes. Stashd is designed to be a global service, hosting numerous kinds of documents issued by multiple organisations in a multitude of countries.

How we do it

Users grant trust to businesses to issue and retrieve documents stored in their Stashd account. Instead of having to then present physical documents to a business, Stashd provides digital solutions, such as facial recognition, for this information to be retrieved and automatically verified. The identification and verification process is lightning fast and reduces the chance of human error, allowing the users to pass through a security barrier, open a door or carry on their journey with ease.

Why we do it

Whilst we try to eliminate the inconvenience of forgetting or losing documents, Stashd is also great for the planet. We’re aiming to reduce the amount of printed documents that we’re all used to carrying around with us meaning less plastic, paper and card being used. Part of our goal is to help create a more accessible world by reducing unnecessary and avoidable steps along a users experience. Our service is designed to streamline customer journeys to make life easier for everyone. Stashd also provides a whole host of solutions that fit seamlessly into any operation where identifying and verifying users is needed. It allows businesses to cut down on staff costs, combat fraud and give your customers a much better experience. 

Seamless Integration

Our powerful widget provides fast and seamless integration into your product regardless of device or platform. 

Privacy by Design

Developed and operated following the Privacy by Design principles and compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Government Grade Security

Microsoft Tier 4 datacentres couple with military level encryption create the foundations of our service.

The Stashd service can work as a standalone product or be integrated to work alongside other products from the iPassport team. For more information please visit our websites.